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  • Solar energy in Nigeria has powerful impact on socioeconomic status / The use of solar energy has garnered a positive and necessary impact on the socio-economic status of citizens in Nigeria. (Jan 18 01:41 AM)

  • Russia cut off oil to Poland. That gave entrance to the Saudis. / Provided the deal is finalised, Aramco will raise its oil supply to Poland by between three and five times and may meet between 50% and 70% of Poland’s crude oil needs, Reuters calculations found. (Jan 18 01:37 AM)

  • Illinois is leaving fossil fuels for renewables. Can it do it without nuclear? / With fossil fuels on their way out and the slow development of large-scale energy storage hindering its usage, many policymakers and environmental activists have pointed to nuclear energy as an immediate solution to renewables’ intermittency issue – nuclear energy emits only low amounts of carbon and is far less deadly than fossil fuels. (Jan 18 01:10 AM)

  • EXCLUSIVE French power policy shift has left EDF in shock, CEO says / Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.comPARIS, Jan 17 – The CEO of EDF on Monday broke with the convention that bosses of French state companies don’t criticise the government to express “Real shock” and indignation after the utility was told to sell more power to rivals at below-market prices. (Jan 17 11:27 PM)

  • Leading UK fracking firm taken over by green energy group / A high-profile UK fracking company has been taken over by a green energy group and now has an anti-fracking campaigner as a director. (Jan 17 10:57 PM)

  • Survey says 95% of shoppers would not buy solar under Californias Net Energy Metering 3.0 proposal / For solar shoppers interested in understanding how the NEM 3.0 would affect the economics of buying solar, SolarReviews has integrated the assumptions from the proposed decision into its Solar Calculator. (Jan 17 10:55 PM)

  • (no title) / “As the cornerstone of the EU’s sustainable finance agenda, the inclusion of gas would undermine the credibility of the taxonomy as well as the EU’s own commitment to climate neutrality by 2050,” said Stephanie Pfeifer, the CEO of IIGCC. “At a time when we need clarity, the inclusion of gas creates an unhelpful precedent and muddies the waters for investors looking to do the right thing. The inclusion of gas also risks channelling material levels of capital towards initiatives that undermine a sustainable, net zero future,” she added. (Jan 17 09:25 PM)

  • Top 10 Lithium Stocks in LIT, the World’s First Lithium ETF / The Lithium & Battery Tech ETF is an index fund that’s designed to track the performance of the Solactive Global Lithium Index, which consists of stocks involved in the full lithium cycle, from mining and refining the metal through battery production. (Jan 17 09:00 PM)

  • BP claims EV charging stations ‘on the cusp’ of being more profitable than gas pumps / The London-based company plans to grow its EV charging business in the coming years from the current 11,000 stations to fully 70,000 charging points by 2030 – and, unlike rival energy company, Shell, which has its own EV charging scheme in play, BP will stay focused on fast DC charging. (Jan 17 08:12 PM)

  • (no title) / Climate Equity Successes at the Local LevelSuccessful climate programs, such as Huron’s Green Raiteros program, integrate climate equity into planning. (Jan 17 05:51 PM)

  • (no title) / Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is promoting a newly drafted Hydrogen Hub Act as “Signature” legislation in the 30-day session, proposing a slate of tax breaks to help build out an entirely new hydrogen industry in New Mexico from the ground up. (Jan 17 05:32 PM)

  • German government disavows blue hydrogen / On the way to 100% green hydrogen “We have to face the reality that these quantities of green hydrogen are neither realistic nor available today and in the coming years as the market ramp-up will happen slowly,” he told journalists when asked by EURACTIV. His position is supported by the influential German economist Veronika Grimm, a member of Germany’s national hydrogen council. (Jan 17 04:05 PM)

  • Cannabis Produced Without Growing The Plant: Sci-Fi Or Futuristic Technology? BioHarvest Explains / BioHarvest Sciences Inc., a biotech company with offices in Canada and Israel, recently announced that it has produced some 22 pounds of full-spectrum cannabis biomass at a commercial scale without growing the plant itself. (Jan 17 03:25 PM)

  • MeliBio (Bee-Free Honey) Provides Updates on Roadmap to Commercialization / “We at CULT Food Science are proud of and excited by our investment in MeliBio and commend Mr. Mandich and his team for advancing the MeliBio so far in such a short period of time. Honey made without bees is an important innovation for the global food industry as it alleviates some of the pressure on its fragile supply chain and on the environment,” said Dorian Banks. (Jan 17 01:43 PM)

  • Else Nutrition $BABY $BABYF says Sprouts Farmers Market adds more Else Kids Nutrition products to its US retail stores / Else Nutrition Holdings Inc has announced that Sprouts Farmers Market is adding two additional products to its range following the successful launch and better than expected performance of Else Toddler Nutrition at the retailer. (Jan 17 01:39 PM)

  • Bill Gate’s Green Energy Consortium Proves Hydro Stock Resilience / The UK’s green hydrogen vision includes £105 million of funding for the country’s low carbon hydrogen economy, aiming to produce 5GW of hydrogen power by 2030.16 In the US, President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill includes $100 billion for clean energy, including green hydrogen,17 while the city of New York is investing $8.5 million to convert a gas-fired power plant to run on green hydrogen. (Jan 17 01:28 PM)

  • (no title) / WWF Scotland said the outcome was a “big vote of confidence in renewable power and Scotland’s green economy”. (Jan 17 01:11 PM)

  • (no title) / Abu Dhabi still carries significant influence among Yemeni forces it has armed and trained to combat the Houthis, who in 2014 forced out Yemen’s Saudi-backed government led by President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi. (Jan 17 12:44 PM)

  • AP News: From oil-rich UAE, South Korea president vows climate action / South Korean contractors built the UAE’s Barakah nuclear power plant, the first on the Arabian Peninsula and Seoul’s first attempt to build an atomic reactor abroad. The first of four reactors went online in the summer of 2020.As part of Seoul’s pivot to greater environmental investments, Moon said on Monday that South Korea and Abu Dhabi were jointly planning to construct a massive plant that produces hydrogen in the form of ammonia. (Jan 17 11:20 AM)

  • GEV launches development strategy for proposed 2.8 GW green hydrogen project / The project is proposing to deliver a fully integrated green hydrogen production and export supply chain, starting with a fleet of the company’s 430-tonne compressed hydrogen ships, with a view to export up to 100,000 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per annum into the Asia Pacific region. (Jan 17 09:24 AM)

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